J & J Custom Construction, Inc. | Corvallis, Montana

J & J Custom Construction, Inc. takes quality building to the next level. Their knowledge and highly skilled workers are able to take on your project whether it is a little one or a multi-million dollar project. J & J Custom Construction will travel the whole state of Montana.

J & J Custom Construction, Inc. has the equipment, knowledge and skilled workers ready to build your custom dream home, barn or business warehouse. We specialize in hard to build areas… no problem!

Although J & J Custom Construction, Inc. does all types of custom homes, we do love to specialize in “The WHOLE Project” all the way from clearing the site, building ponds, putting in the underground utilities, crushing the gravel, building the roads and building your dream home! We do smaller jobs to the multi-million dollar projects.

ABOUT US: John King Jr.  established J&J Custom Construction in the early 1980’s. John not only reached his goal of building a business but has established himself as a highly sought after employer. He is also the founder of J&J Excavating and Trucking. Quality individuals meeting John’s high standards, wishing to ply their trade in the state of Montana, can rest assured that they have found an employer who is well known and highly respected.

Our construction company can build anything, from small jobs, residential, to commercial. There is no job too big or too small for us.

Mr. John King, I wanted to take a moment on behalf of myself and my business group on this latest project you completed for us.When you met Oct 12 with the business group and went over the completed project and went over our punch list, Remarkable there were only a handful of little things on that punch list. This is the 4th project over the last 20 years you have done for us, I have known you for at least 35 years When I first met you and watched you grow up and start your own business I had no idea the young boy I once knew would achieve and grow into such a motivated, business owner that kept his honesty, integrity thru out the years and growth, My business group and myself just stood and gawked at this finished product you have handed to us, It was supposed to be a 40 month project and you completed it way ahead of schedule. I think actually it took you 32 months to complete, I can`t say enough about this project the size of it, the complexity of it and you worked thru all the kinks etc


The best part Mr. King your company did ninety percent of it in house without a bunch of sub contractors to worry about. We can`t thank you enough you came in at budget and produce us a product that is so amazing I`m not sure I can open the doors to our clients to come and use quite yet its that nice and that remarkable quality that we can`t quite get over, My business group said on the next four projects that will be coming up soon that your our contractorand the projects will not be bid out to others, I hope Mr. John King you get to take a little time and go Elk hunting this fall like you used to. I remember a few pack trips with you that I still have never forgotten, Thank You for the respect, Honesty, integrity that you have shown myself and my business group , By the way the next project will be a bit bigger 15,000 square feet on 650 acres. Can`t wait for it to start. Thank You John King, and Thank your crews You’re a amazing person,Friend, and very fortunate to have the privilege to know you.

– Bruce Bourne